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World Summit, LLC is a world-class, socially conscious company with a family of subsidiaries producing a venture fund, media, events, and business development consulting services. WS helps businesses learn the inner workings of the start-up community, business culture and associated environments to business development.

World Summit’s business acumen, vast network and seasoned experience can fold time to speed up the process in developing valuable business skills that enable professionals to succeed. WS is committed to assisting a wide variety of companies across different industries to achieve a plethora of inspiring success stories around the world.

our solutions

World Summit Consulting Services (WSCS) are branded as ALPHA CONSULT and provide a wide range of business
consulting services for professionals. ALPHA CONSULT is led by World Summits CEO and is the prime go to service for Starting, Scaling entrepreneurs, as well as companies that want to enter the US Market.

World Summit Venture Fund initiative is an joint venture between World Summit LLC and Fund Capital Partners LLC that have formed a joint company TNU, that develops the TV Series and serves as a GP to the Venture Fund UVF. The Investment Fund is managed by TNU with a first closing of funding $65,000,000 and a target of $100,000,000.  Please inquire about the details and the investor deck.

World Summit has formed a partnership with Fund Capital Partners (FCP), which will lead to the joint production of an unscripted TV series in the world of entrepreneurship.

 Additionally World Summit Productions (WSP) produces multimedia, events and consulting services as a subsidiary of World Summit, LLC. 

World Summit Events (WSE) produces business summits, pitch competitions and a variety of humanitarian events for leaders of the entrepreneurial communities. 

WS also produces major business summits annually in locations like New York and Los Angeles.

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We look forward to working with you!

We look forward to working with you!